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$1 Million FEMA Stormwater Grant Issued To Pensacola For Expanding Retention Pond At Fisher And 11th Ave

Following up on flooding experienced in 2014, FEMA is finally issuing the money to expand the stormwater pond between 11th and 12th and between Fisher and Cross. The city will demolish the four houses located North of Fisher in the middle of the block, close Fisher in the middle, and expand the stormwater pond dramatically to mitigate against flooding. This will bring the water handling capacity there up to 25-year flood standards. Cul-de-sac access will be created for the homes on the corners of the North side of Fisher that will remain standing.

The City of Pensacola released this statement:

“The City of Pensacola was awarded a $1,016,226.00 grant from the Florida Dept. of Emergency Management (DEM) that will be used to acquire and demolish four residences located north of the 12th Ave. and Cross St. stormwater pond and expand the pond into the area where the four houses currently are to help alleviate flooding.

The City’s stormwater retention pond located between Fisher Street and Cross Street at 12th Ave. periodically overflows during high-intensity rainfall events and floods the immediate neighborhood, directly impacting multiple residential structures. This phase of the grant will provide for acquisition and demolition of four residences located at 1104, 1106, 1108, and 1112 E. Fisher Street that have been subject to historical repetitive flooding. The subject residences are strategically located immediately adjacent to the existing pond which will allow for expansion of the pond to create more storage of stormwater runoff to benefit the neighborhood. The grant was awarded through the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Section 404, and 44 CFR Part 206.434.

Upon completion of the project, Fisher Street will no longer be a through street between 11th and 12th Ave. and a cul-de-sac will be constructed on Fisher Street for continued residential access. The project will provide a significant improvement for drainage and flooding issues in the immediate area and is anticipated to take approximately 12 months to complete once construction begins.”

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