Welcome to the Pensacola Expert Panel
I’m Bridget Kaye and this is my new PEP Talk blog where I’ll be bringing you news and
information about upcoming shows, new co-hosts/guests and even special events
happening around Escambia and Santa Rosa County.
The Pensacola Expert Panel has been on NewsRadio92.3 ▪ AM1620 since the station
was launched in 2007. This is an opportunity for businesses, services, and community
non-profits to connect with our listeners. Its interactive and gives you a chance to
answer questions or comments from our listeners who call-in or text the studio.
Along with conversation that spotlights your services, business, charitable causes and
events, we also take a pause for local and Fox Radio News every 30 minutes.
Home improvement, health and wellness, retirement planning, law, collecting, boating,
restaurants, elder care and more are all featured on the show.
So be sure to listen every weekday morning 9-11am, and if you’d like to join the
Pensacola Expert Panel just send me an Email at

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