Business Address:
NewsRadio92.3 ▪ AM1620
7251 Plantation Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32504


Business Line: (850) 262-6000
Studio Line: (850) 437-1620
Text to Studio and NewsRoom: (850) 437-1620
Newsroom: (850) 262-6119
Report Traffic & News: (850) 262-6111
Business Fax: (850) 494-0778



General Manager Mary Hoxeng
Market Sales Manager Jeff Wayne
NewsRadio Sales Taska King
Steve Finney
Operations Manager Kevin King
Program Director Davis Allen
Production Kevin Peterson
Engineering & Technical Jeff Kofsky


Talk Hosts:

Andrew McKay Pensacola Morning News
Ruthie Cee Pensacola Expert Panel
Bobby Rossi Pensacola Right Now
Davis Allen Producer: Pensacola Morning News



Mark Jacobs Morning News Anchor
Cooper Davis News Director/Afternoon News Anchor
Cheryl King  Mid-Day News Anchor
Reese Andrews  Afternoon Traffic



Peter Laser Photographer