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Andrew McKay

Andrew 45-9am Weekdays.  Pensacola’s only NewsTalk call-in morning show.  Commentary, opinion, interviews and your calls.  Andrew joined NewsRadio1620 in January, 2014.  He’s hosted talk shows in St. Louis and Phoenix, and most recently was the executive producer for the Laura Ingraham and Rusty Humphries shows on the national Talk Radio Network, where he also anchored news on the American Radio News Network.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana.  Prior radio, he taught philosophy at Saint Louis University.  Cooper Davis news at :05, :18, :30 and :50.  Traffic on the 5’s with Kyle Ross every 10 minutes.  Fox News Commentary with Todd Starnes at 6:48am; T. Bubba Bechtol Bubba-Torials at 7:48am; and the Roger Hedgecock Report at 8:48am.  Contact Andrew at   

Wendi Summers

Pensacola Expert PanelHomepage Slide Show Wendi Summers 9-11am Weekdays Wendi focuses her  show on positive news and features that are part of your everyday life, with a wide variety of local experts who make regular visits to her show. Wendi has lived in Northwest Florida since 1993.  Her experience includes morning co-host and promotions director for Q100 FM.  Wendi is also a NewsRadio1620 Account Executive involving advertising sales and market consultation with NewsRadio1620 sponsors.  She joined NewsRadio1620 in 2007. If you would like to be a part of the Pensacola Expert Panel, or just want to contact Wendi:    

Branden Rathert

Pensacola Right Now Homepage Slide Show Branden Rathert 4-7pm Weekdays Each afternoon, Branden ‘opines’ on the day’s most interesting news with commentary, his own brand of humor, and your calls. Branden came to NewsRadio1620 in 2009, from Boise Idaho—where he had the #1 rated morning show in Twin Falls and Boise.  In Twin Falls, he created the “60 Hours to Fight Hunger”, an initiative that continues to this day.   His interest in community service has continued while he has been in Penscola.  In 2011, his NewsRadio1620 documentary on “Living Homeless in Pensacola” garnered him a First Place Documentary Award from the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Association.  In 2012 he won a prestigious Edward R. Murrow regional award for his documentary “ESCO 24-7”,  produced after spending 24 hours with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department. Jeff Knox news at 4:05pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm Today’s Top Local Stories live and direct from WEAR Channel 3 at 5:00pm and  6:00pm Traffic on the 5’s with Shawn Bell Jeff Knox Quick Shot of Sports at 4:52pm; 5:52pm; 6:52pm T. Bubba Bechtol Bubba-torial at 5:48pm And be sure to catch The Gang every Friday at 4:10pm—community leaders and people you may know share with Branden their views on the week’s news. Contact Branden at    

Paul Stadden

Paul Stadden 3 Producer, Pensacola Right Now with Branden Rathert Production Director, NewsRadio1620 and CatCountry98.7 Paul has been with NewsRadio1620 since 2007.  Originally from Pennsylvania, he graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Classical Guitar Performance.  His creative commercials aired on both NewsRadio1620 and CatCountry98.7, have won several local and regional “Addy” Awards from the American Advertising Association. Contact Paul at    

Nate Singleton

Nate SingletonProgram Director and Producer, The Penscola Morning News with Andrew McKay After graduating from the University of West Florida, Nate began his professional career as the producer of Pensacola Right Now with Branden Rathert.  He later became Program Director for ESPN1450, and has rejoined NewsRadio1620 as the producer of The Pensacola Morning News. Contact Nate at

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