Program Guide

5-9AM Pensacola Morning News with Andrew McKay
9-11AM Pensacola Expert Panel with Ruthie Cee (PEP Talk)
11AM-1PM The Brian Kilmeade Show
1-4PM The Dave Ramsey Show
4-7PM Pensacola Right Now with Bobby Rossi
7-10PM The Buck Sexton Show
10-11PM WEAR Channel 3 News
11-2AM Fox Across America
2-4AM Lars Larson Overnight
4-5AM First Light with Michael Tiscano
12mid-2am Fox Across America
2-5am Dave Ramsey
5-6am The American Family Farmer Show
6-7am WEAR Channel 3 News
7-8am The American Family Farmer Show
8-9am 8-8:30am- Dr. Neal Spine Line/ 8:30-9am- PEP Talk Pick of the Week
9-10am  The Garden Line Encore with Mike Wiggins
10am-1pm At Home with Gary Sullivan 
1-4pm Dave Ramsey 
4-5pm  Let’s Go Pensacola! with Julio Diaz
5-8pm Lars Larson
8-10pm The Drive
10-10:35pm WEAR Channel Three News
10:35-11pm Town Hall Weekend


(Sat) 11p- (Sun) 2am Fox Across America
2-4am Eric Metaxas
4-5am Tech It Out
5-6am Popular Technology
6-7am WEAR Channel 3 News
7-8am Christian Outlook Bible Baptist (7-7:30)/Theological Seminar (7:30-8)
8-9am Ask The Preacher
9-11am At Home with Gary Sullivan
11am-12pm Town Hall Review
12-1pm  Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace
1-4pm The Joe Pags Show
4-5pm Tech It Out
5-6pm Popular Technology
6-8pm Freedom Friday
8-10pm Gun Talk with Tom Grisham
10-10:30pm WEAR Channel 3 News