Wendi Summers


She won a prize in college from a radio call-in show contest, and the rest, as they say, is history. Or, in Wendi’s case—herstory.

Wendi was 19 in Quincy, Illinois and had won a radio call-in show contest.  Her trip to claim the prize at station WTAD would set the course for the rest of her life.  Excited and curious about radio and how to get started, the Program Director overheard her asking questions to the receptionist.  He asked her if she was really interested because the station needed a weekend news reader. Still a teen, this was not really the gig Wendi was thinking about because it was the more exciting WQCY she wanted to know about, thinking, “more exciting, fun, and after all, it played today’s top music”!

Fast forward 30 years.

After WTAD, and working in talk, rock and pop music formats, she found her way to Pensacola and a spot co-hosting a morning show on a local music station.  Then came NewsRadio1620.  She was one of the first on-air personalities hired by the station, and now 10 years later, is still hosting The Pensacola Expert Panel, 9-11am weekdays on—and the longest local running show currently on the air.

The Pensacola Expert Panel is a natural extension of Wendi’s personality and interest in all things Pensacola.  She brings to the show her own perspective on what is important locally, along with an inquisitive nature that creates lively conversation with both guests and listeners of NewsRadio1620 ▪ FM92.3.

The show allows her to shine the spotlight on the places and people in our community that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Wendi focuses on the news and features that affect your life—with a wide variety of local experts who make regular visits to the show.

When not preparing and hosting The Pensacola Expert Panel, Wendi also works as a sales and marketing consultant for both NewsRadio1620 ▪ FM92.3 and our sister station, CatCountry98.7.

This gives her a unique perspective on how to translate her love of local to helping to make local organizations and businesses successful and profitable.

Wendi is a proud mom to two grown children and two rescue cats. Active in the community, she appears at numerous charitable events throughout the year, and is a founding member of the Krewe du Ya Yas—which has raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer awareness and support in NW Florida.

Contact: wendi@newsradio1620.com