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Three people are behind bars in a string of recent shooting incidents in Escambia County. During a new conference this morning, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan blamed drugs for these shootings.  The most recent shooting happened early yesterday on Camelia Drive where a man was shot in the leg. He’s expected to survive. 25-year old Jared Beers and 30-year old James Frank were arrested for that shooting, and 18-year old John Coker was arrested for a shooting Sunday in Myrtle Grove in which no one was hurt.

Drivers who fail to pay SunPass tolls from June first and beyond will have to start paying standard penalties and fees once again. But FDOT says those penalties and fines will only apply to new tolls. There will still be a grace period for backlogged or carryover tolls accrued before June first. The grace period was given after a computer system upgrade went wrong last year, and that caused months of backlogged tolls.

Floridians could eventually gain access to cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and elsewhere under legislation signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Republican governor signed the bill today in The Villages, home to one of the state’s biggest retirement-age communities.  The legislation allows creation of two prescription drug importation programs subject to strict regulation: one involving importing drugs from Canada and a second calling for drugs to be brought in from unspecified other countries to be chosen later.

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell says there are some good things happening in his department, and he wants the city to know about it. Tindell tells Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette the current renovation to the police building is going smoothly, and the department’s addition should be completed around July 31st.  When complete, the new part of the building will serve a number of functions, including as a meeting room, back-up dispatch center during emergencies and a multi-purpose training room. Once the project is complete, Tindell says the department will also purchase a “use of force” simulator for training purposes. In addition to the renovations, Tindell says the department has hired three new officers during the past six months.

A citizen-led county committee charged with spearheading a master plan for the rapidly growing Beulah area wants to know what Beulah residents think about how growth in their community should be managed.  The PNJ says the Northwest District 1 Advisory Committee has put together a 10-question survey for residents to answer.  The survey asks for opinions on how infrastructure should be paid for, by taxes or impact fees charged on the construction of new homes. It also covers things from traffic to what kind of parks people prefer. The committee voted last night to send the 10 questions to the University of West Florida Haas Center, which will conduct the survey of residents of Escambia County in voting precincts 5, 43 and 68.

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