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Pensacola, US
November 18, 2018
Local News


President Donald Trump is vowing to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base. That’s the news delivered today by Vice President Mike Pence who toured the widespread damage at the 29-thousand acre facility. Pence was joined by Governor Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshall Jimmy Patronis.  Pence says the federal government has designated $100 million toward the recovery of the base.  A Pentagon study in 2017 put a $3.4 billion value on the facilities at Tyndall.  Tyndall’s annual economic impact is $596 million.  Governor Scott calls the base an economic driver impacting about 20,000 jobs in the region.  The base is open during the day to service members and civilians to inspect and retrieve belongings from their homes.  Pence said pilot simulator training and air operations should return to Tyndall by the start of the new year. Pence was advised that eight of the 17 F-22 Raptors that had been sheltered at the base during the storm — due to maintenance or safety issues — flew out Wednesday, and the remainder of the planes should be ready to leave by early next week.
(photos courtesy: CFO Jimmy Patronis)

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